7 New Agave Cocktails

You can’t go wrong with a Margarita Tradicional, but experimentation is never more fun than when mixing a drink!  Try Rosa Mexicano’s 7 new Agave Cocktails, shaken and stirred with authentic Mexican ingredients and select agave spirits.  Now being served in NYC, DC, Boston and SF!

Dos Agaves - Aging greatly affects the flavor of Agave Spirits. Flavors are impacted by the length of the aging process. In addition, Agave spirits are imbued with the unique flavors of the wood barrels in which they are aged. For the Dos Agaves, we are taking the agave aging process one step further and aging the entire cocktail in oak barrels from Corralejo, Mexico. 

Mezcal-isco - Our Mezcal-isco cocktail combines the two most popular Agave spirits, Tequila and Mezcal, which differ in a few important ways. By law, Tequila can only be made with Blue Agave Tequila while Mezcal can be made with upwards of 30 varieties of Agave. Also, Tequila and Mezcal are produced in different states of Mexico (though there is overlap).  For the Mezcalisco, Vida Mezcal and El Jimador blanco tequila are mixed with lime, orange bitters and a hint of organic agave. 

Tamarind - Deliciously tangy and slightly sweet, Tamarind is one of Mexico’s most highly prized natural foods. Not only does the Tamarind tree produce edible, pod-like fruit that is used extensively in Mexican cuisine, but traditionally, the Tamarind tree was also used in medicine and carpentry. In this cocktail we combine Tamarind with Mezcal, lime and our homemade guajillo flor de sal, which is a spicy salt that cuts into the cocktail making it much brighter.

Raicilla Negroni - Our twist on the classic Italian cocktail replaces Gin with Raicilla, a Mexican spirit made from the “Lechugilla” Agave, most commonly found in Jalisco. Raicilla is made by small distillers using old, traditional methods, in very small quantities. The herbal notes of some Raicillas make it a great stand-in for Gin!

Spicy Cucumber - For the Spicy Cucumber we take Corralejo Blanco Tequila and infuse it in-house with jalapeño and serrano peppers for 24 hours. Besides being delicious, jalapeño peppers are also rich in vitamin C and capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory that fights infection, stimulates blood flow, and improves digestion. Now that’s a powerful pepper!

Paloma - The Paloma is the most popular Tequila-based cocktail in Mexico. Traditionally Palomas are made by mixing tequila with a grapefruit-flavored soda such as Jarritos, however at Rosa Mexicano we also use fresh ruby red grapefruits, grapefruit liqueur and grapefruit bitters to give it that real punch of citrus.

Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn - The flavor of the pink peppercorn comes from our house-made tincture, a 151-proof vodka infused with pink peppercorns.  On the rim of the drink, we combine salt and crushed pink peppercorn to reintroduce the aromatics from the drink.

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